Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Thanks for your notes of encouragement after last week's depressing post. We are making it through. Last week picked up!

And we are lucky that we have had a great January! From New Year's eve celebration, to ice skating with the kids, to sledding, to our weekend in Baltimore, to my bday party celebration, to our photoshoot and time with our city friend, to three birthday parties and even more sledding. (One foot of snow last week will do it!) GOOD times!

Last Friday, I returned from work to find Sam and the kids giddy to show me Wyeth's room. Oy boy. Now what?

Sam had the kids watch the Planet Earth video on caving. Then after talking about caving and what it would be like, he created a 'cave' in Wyeth's bedroom. He set up a ton of our stuff and draped blankets all over it. Then the kids put on mining 'helmets' and crawled underneath it all. Through a tunnel, into our play tent and then UNDER the train table.

They were all smiling and sweaty from all of the activity by the time I got home. I, of course, joined them.

It was a blast! Go Sam for yet another an amazing idea!

The 'cave'

Already in

Going in the cave

The miners

One of the cute miners


Beth said...

Tell me again why Sam is not a preschool teacher? I wish I was closer--I'd send my kids to Camp Sam! Awesome.

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Seriously, Sam is awesome at coming up with these ideas! Makes me completely sure that I am not cool enough to home school my kids-off to preschool they will go! Glad you got to come home and enjoy the fun with them.

Julie said...

Sam rocks!!! So do the smiles on your kids faces!!