Monday, March 28, 2011


My weekend started Thursday night! I went out with new friends for dinner and wine at an amazing sushi place. What fun! It was such a nice treat to not do the dinner, bath, bed routine and just enjoy hanging out.

Then Friday I took a day off! Woot woot! And met my mom for a morning massage. Followed by lunch and a few hours of shopping! Wow! What a treat that was! No work. Just a mental health day. It was so needed! And the massage was just AWESOME! Nothing like it!

Saturday we all got up and headed to the Franklin Institute which was great! I hadn't been there in decades and forgot much of what was there. It is a bit above the kids' head as it is a Science Museum aimed an older set. But they both really enjoyed it. They had a planetarium show that starred Big Bird and Elmo! Score! I loved watching the kids crane their necks at the wide screen and wave at Elmo.

Then we drove to my parents home and dropped the kids off around 12. They were all packed up and ready for a night of fun with Grammy and Poppy. And Sam and I headed back to our house in a very quiet car. Very quiet. It was so lovely. Then of course, instead of napping and passing out which we should have done we quickly:

mulched the garden beds
vacuumed out of the mini van
cleaned the bathrooms
installed a new shower curtain
replaced the other shower curtain
donated old clothes
vacuumed the whole house

And then got dressed for a night of dinner and dancing! My company was having its holiday party- in March. It was a 'swing into spring' party. Despite the frigid temps, it was quite lovely. Sam looked so sharp and I cleaned up well too! We stayed out 'late' until 11. So nice to have a real dinner, drink wine and dance! Like real adults. But you'll have to believe me because there was no one to take our picture.

Sunday I picked the kids up while Sam did some work on the garden. And we headed to see a private kindergarten option. We applied and threw our hat into the ring but I'm not hopeful that we can swing it. But it was lovely to see another option. And what I loved about it was how much kid-focused art there was on the walls!

Seren and Wyeth loved their night away. They had many stories to tell us. It was really refreshing for all! Thanks again Mom and Dad!

This week will be busy and the next few months will be heavy on travel! I'm already planning another mental health day soon!


Julie said...

That sounds like a perfect recharging weekend--start to finish! The massage sounds luxurious--I only recently had my first one and while I thought I wouldn't like a stranger touching me, it was SO freakin relaxing!! Yay to a productive and fun weekend and your wonderful parents for making it possible!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Sounds completely lovely. I need to plan one of those for us, too!

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

hysterical- did you forget to scrub out the bathtub??