Monday, March 14, 2011


Wyeth is Mr. Independent. He wants to serve himself. He'd like to pour milk. He'd really like to put on his own shoes.

I got it Mom and Dad, I can do it myself.

So we here the battle cry of "SELF" quite freqently.

I love it. It means we are working to foster a sense of independence!

Now just ask us about how the whole 'use the potty' thing is going...yay, not so much!

He also continues to go to bed much later than I'd like. Since about October or November, he frequently needs between 30-45 minutes to fall asleep. He sings to himself. He chats. He talks to his stuffed turtle. He'll read a book that he has chosen. But it takes until 9 or 9:15. Which just drives me nuts! But he is thriving so I guess he is just a night owl!

Just seems way too late for a little one!

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