Saturday, July 2, 2011

2, 6, 29

Today Wyeth is the exact same age that Seren was the day he was born. The exact age.

2 years, 6 months and 29 days.

And that blows my mind!

He seems so much younger! Or maybe I just want him to be younger in my mind's eye.

She stated talking much earlier but now Mr. Chatterbox has caught up.

He just seems so little. Doesn't he seem younger than she was?

There is that odd feeling that happens. You kiss your older 'baby' goodbye when you are going into labor or about to have the next baby. And when you hold the newborn, suddently, in an instance, your first child just looks HUGE. Like they are ready for college.

So maybe that is what it is.

What an amazing thing to think about! I am remembering a lot about that birthday for some reason. It isn't anyone's birthday! Just the fact that he is the same age she was when he burst into my world.

And while I'm reflective and maybe a bit wistful for that time, I'm damn glad I'm not trying to nurse a newborn tonight.

Just saying.


yukonsally said...

ah, my dear friend, you are telling me a cautionary tale! i am so aware in these days how cordelia is becoming my "big girl" and whomever it is that lives inside will take her role as the baby. and yet, she sometimes seems like such a baby still! just now, she let me know that she needs 2 naps today by banging on her crib, getting her blanket and her lion. oh goodness. xoxo

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

It's weird how I think these same thoughts about Theo. Doesn't he seem younger than Sebastian did at this age? I'm glad to know that a later talker will catch up, because Theo isn't saying anything yet, while his brother was signing up a storm and already saying several words. Must not worry, must not worry... I'm glad not to be nursing a newborn, too, but it's hard not to be wistful about their baby-ness. I get it.