Thursday, October 13, 2011

The First Lost Tooth

All week it wiggled. It moved. It bled. It gave me the 'willies'. It brought drama. Much drama.

The loose tooth.

On Sunday after a full weekend of playing outdoors in goregeous weather, Seren and I came in from the playground. I got her a nice cold juice. Thirty minutes past and Sam said, "Wait! Seren! Open your mouth."

And just like was gone.

No blood. No tears. No yanking.

The problem was GONE. No tooth to save. No tooth to share with the tooth fairy. Just...gone.

We jumped for joy! This was SUPER exciting! Man was it a moment! She beamed with pride! Yes! She was an official big kid.

At night, I sat with Seren as she wrote the tooth fairy a note. "Dear Tooth Fairy. I lost my tooth. Please bring me a present. From Seren." Seren was worried that the tooth fairy woudln't have a pad a paper or pencil. So she left both of them out. She said, "Well, I wouldn't want her to fly all over the house looking for it!"

There were many questions about the tooth fairy. What did she do with all of those teeth? One theory is that she picked the best ones and would make them into her own teeth! (??) She was excited about the whole thing.

ANd I got to play tooth fairy! In my tiniest hand writing, I wrote a tiny little note. I thanked Seren for her thoughtfulness to leave out the paper and pencil but that I flew with my own size paper. (Very tiny). The tooth fairy left four quarters and a necklace for a present.

Seren woke up the next morning, Monday morning and just beamed! Wow! Present! AND she wrote a note! She read it and was amazed about how tiny it was.

It is all lies. The whole thing.

But seriously? I love it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Beth said...

Wow--such a big deal! William keeps telling me his tooth is loose. But they all seem pretty solid to me. Great idea about the note, btw!