Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Two nights ago Seren woke up at least 3 times having bad dreams. Dreams about spiders. Bugs. You name it, she dreamt about it.

I put her to bed last night and she said, "Mom, something must be wrong with my dream catcher. The bad dreams keep going through. I think the dream catcher is clogged."

I put Wyeth down two nights ago and did my usual, "I love you, Wy guy. Have a good night sleep. I love you so much."

His response was something like, "Night, night. I love you Megan." :)

I then heard little giggles coming from the dark corner of his crib.

Other updates: When will we move our wild boy from his crib to a big bed!? I don't want to do this. The child takes at least 30 minutes to unwind at night. He talks to himself. Sings. Plays. I can't imagine that a bed will help that 'quiet' time!

Seren lost her second tooth yesterday! Crazy! She is relieved. Now she can 'eat' again. Ya know, because she was sustaining herself on smoothies and all liquid diet.

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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Your kids crack me up! I swear you could just post things they say every day and we'd all get a daily smile.