Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Of Fairies and Pirates

There is a huge debate going on inside our house these days. What is an appropriate 'boy' costume.

On one side of the debate if the newly minted kindergartener who has decided that girls can ONLY be fairies, ballerinerinas or princesses. That's it. And only girls can be these things.

On the other side is the nearly 3 year old little boy. Who adores his sister. And pretty much anything she does. He too has decided to be a fairy princess.

We are talking about gender a lot these days.

After two weeks of insisting on being a princess, Sam bought a pink tutu and I got high heels and wings for his costume. It was coming together. We were fine with it! Seren would deal!

And last night he said, "I be pirate all day for Halloween."


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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Ok, I did not see that ending coming! HA. Wyeth is so cute. Can't wait to see them in their costumes. : )