Monday, February 13, 2012

As if I didn't feel old enough already

Children help us mark the time. We vividly recall (nearly) every moment of their young lives. We remember when they couldn't reach the counter top. And when they fit into newborn diapers.

So just looking at our growing children already tells us that they are growing and by extension, we are aging.

We don't really need too much 'help' to realize that we are aging.

Wyeth recently really brings this home.

His favorite stuffed animal, by far, is Webbie. Pictured here.

And here:

Webbie is his 'son'. And he is his Dad. Of course. Seren is the mom. (Ignore the incest in that statement) And me? I'm the grandma.

At least once a week, when I put Wyeth to bed, and he needs something from me, he will yell from  his bed,  "GRANDMA!!! WEBBIE NEEDS YOU! GRANDMA!"


I will now go and pluck out the grey hair.


Beth said...

That's hysterical, Grandma!

beth hague said...

Don't pluck those grays for they may come back in double. I color mine:)

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

You're one hot gramma :)
And the photo of you two is gorgeous.