Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bigger Boats

Wyeth is playing us.

We are being played hardcore.

About two months ago we started to enforce the "sit on the potty" twice a day rule.

He got a sticker just for that.

He got bored.

We got bored.

Then one month ago, as I was bathing him in the bath, he stood up, grabbed a plastic red boat that we use for bath play and peed directly into the boat.

Are you kidding me?

I praised him and dumped the pee in the toilet and flushed it. With much bravado! GOOD JOB!

The next few times when I asked him to pee, he responded that "I already peed in the red boat."

As if this was a one time deal.

Sam wrote about it  here.

But now when I put him in the bath every other day he refuses to pee in anything but a plastic boat. Or a tupperware container. He loves peeing in any of those things. And does every time we take a bath.

What the hell? How do we move from peeing in a plastic boat, standing up with remarkable control to I don't know, say, a TOILET!?

I did give him a M and M the first time he peed in the boat to make the correlation that we liked him doing that and to give him some credit. So last night, when he peed in the little tupperware container, I told him he wasn't getting an m and m until he actually peed in the toilet.

We'll see.

Send  help.  And as Sam would say, 'send bigger boats'.

We are so being played.


Beth said...

I got nothing for this one! LOL. I agree, though. You're definitely being played. Have you tried "running out of diapers?" "Oh no, no more diapers. Guess you'll have to wear underwear." Then keep "forgetting" to get diapers. We did that with Seth. Worked like a charm. :-)

Whitney said...

Hey, can you float the boat in the toilet?? Or try the "aim at the cheerios in the toilet" trick?

We also did the run out of diapers thing with Noah. But, it didn't work the first one or two times (accidents). At 38 months, he was apparently ready because he successfully switched. No pain, no incentives, no whining, no cajoling, no biggie. So, I'm sure it's right around the corner for the Y guy!

Sam said...

Maybe we need a boat shaped toilet.

Whitney said...

Yes, Sam, why not pick up a large boat at a consignment sale or something?

Sorry, in reading my post, I seem to imply that your child will be like mine and I know that is not true!!! What I mean to say is maybe you just completely and totally lay off. Make diaper changing not the most fun thing for him (not that it ever was) but very matter of fact, and do not mention potty or poop or pee. Don't ask. Ever. Then, after a week or two, try the no diapers on the weekend. Don't ask if he needs to go. Just maybe say, "You're wearing underwear today. You know when you have to use the potty, so I'm not going to ask if you need to go." Just be prepared for the inevitable accidents. If it doesn't work, re-introduce diapers that week, and again, completely lay off, then try again a week or two later. I think potty (and Lord knows so many other issues) becomes a power struggle, a child asserting independence through control. It's totally not worth battling over. And, if he's 4 and in diapers, really no biggie. He'll get there eventually. Making it a non-issue (complete with not over-celebrating the wins) might remove that additional complexity.

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

Megan and Sam: Jon's and my immediate reaction was, clearly, put the boat/tupperware inside the potty. But then we immediately realized that it might not make the transition to potty=goal.

So, Jon came up with this. Sam, do you like origami? Jon suggests you make little folded "boats" out of TP, place them in the potty, and tell him to "fire at will!"