Monday, February 27, 2012

New "Friends"

Weyth's imagination over the past two months has exploded! He has amazing adventures these days! He shops at imaginary shops (Stock'N' Shop) that offers anything anyone could want. He has playdates with friends that don't really exist. He rides a magic carpet to go places. He has an apartment. With an elevator. He even has another family! Another whole set of relatives. And he takes all of this very seriously. He isn't joking at all when he says that he has to go to StockNShop. When Seren giggles, he gets very angry.

Pretending is VERY serious business.

Last Thursday he informed us that Jolly (a boy) and Toothpick (Jolly's sister) were spending the weekend at our house. They came early in the evening and would be staying with us.  So periodically this weekend he would say something like "well, they just woke up". Seren is a great trooper with this sort of thing. "Wyeth, are they done eating? Can they play."

"Yes, they can. They can come play with us now. They are done."

And so it went.  Seren also had these friends, pink elephants.They showed up right before she turned 3.

It is good to know that Jolly and Toothpick aren't big eaters!


PC said...

I LOVE is too funny and way too cute. Great imagination :) Maybe Cam and Wy need a playdate soon.

AW said...

Ahh... thanks to your blog I finally laughed out loud for the first time today. (It was actually the "Initials" story. And today was a day I really needed to laugh!
How about being a comic writer on the side and hypothetically being a best seller so you can move or switch schools or whatever? hypothetically of course.
Thanks for telling us all the funny stories!!