Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fishy Business

Yesterday the kids and I took a walk to the creek. We found that a fish had been 'trapped' by some kids at some earlier point in the day. The poor fish was not doing well. Seren was in near tears about this injustice. "Why would they do that!? Why would they let the fish just DIE mom!?" So I found myself up to my elbows in pond muck to try to free this sad little fish. It finally swam the right way out of the man made trap. We all cheered! Seren and Wyeth were so happy and immediately starting yelling about saving the fish's life. "We saved a life mom! We did it! MOM! Are we are going to be in the newspaper??"

I don't know about that, kiddo.

I felt grateful for small fish, small creeks, small children and "big" adventures.


Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

Dear Serenina: Write a story (sometimes called an "article") about your experience finding a trapped fish, and how you and your mom set it free. Your story will inspire many kids. You can send it in to your local newspaper for their children's section. If they decide to print it, then you would be a published author (like your dad!) Wouldn't that be fun?

Love, Jessica

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Such sweethearts, those two! I like Jessica's suggestion that Seren write out her story!