Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Giving it a little test drive

We are on the market for a new house in a community that better meets our needs. It is a long, slow, painful process that for me, is  full of anxiety.

Seren is the best note taker. When we go to visit houses, we arm her with a notebook and a pencil. She writes down what she likes and what she doesn't like.

I took her on my own two weeks ago to visit 3 homes. One (ugly) home had a loft. " Mom! What do you call this?"

A loft.


I don't know. I guess that is just what it is called.

"I don't like that very much. I'm going to call it a playroom."

Ok.  And "playroom" was written down as one of the homes' feature she enjoyed.

When we got to the backyard she turned to me and said, "Mind if I give it a little run?"

I was puzzled by her question. A run of what? What are you talking about? I figured out she meant she wanted to run around the back yard.  I nodded and said that would be fine.

She tucked her little notebook under her arm and took off sprinting to the back of the yard. She pivoted and sprinted back to where I was standing.

"That will do."

Oh, I howled! She is a total riot.

By the way, house hunting SUCKS.

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Beth H said...

So does car shopping!