Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We dyed hard boiled eggs to celebrate Easter. The entire thing took 5 minutes to do and about 25 to set up. Standard fair.

The next day, we ate some of the hard boiled eggs. Wyeth struggled with the peel for quite some time before asking, "How do you get the wrapper off this thing?"

Meanwhile Seren informed me that she and her class were looking for "signs of spring."  She added, "But not like real signs that say 'one way' or 'stop'. Like 'signs' of spring, ya know? Like a flower."

Right. Gotcha kid.

Wyeth and Seren both went to an egg hunt. They had a good time. They also noted that some kids didn't "catch" many eggs. The image of eggs running wild so that the kids could 'catch' them made me smile.

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Beth said...

Loving these posts, Megan! Glad to hear you're doing well. Good luck with the house search! Are you putting your current house on the market? Or renting it? Looking forward to see where you end up. Take care of yourself!