Friday, April 26, 2013


Yesterday was an insane day. We had a busy day at the office as the two of us commuted in together, ran around, held meetings and went home. Then at 6 pm we met with a realtor about putting our house on the market. The good news? She thinks the improvements we my  husband made will yield a better price. She also thinks it will go fast.  The bad news? We have no idea where we are going. And the very idea of the house being sold brings up many emotions but mostly anxiety. 

So in the midst of all of the conversation with the realtor, Seren and Wyeth played in the backyard. Where we could see them. They were laughing and giggling and being nuts. Which is so much better than being inside the house screaming, yelling and fighting.

When the realtor left at 7:15, we focused again on the kids. Wyeth notes, "Mom! I am so itchy!"  So of course I inquire why.  "Well, I put lots of grass in my pants."  I undo his pants, pull down his undies and a TON of grass falls out. It was all stuck to him!


Boys are so weird.

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Beth H said...

LOL regarding Mr. Wy Man.
Hang in there.