Saturday, June 8, 2013

Seren Turns Seven

On May 4th, our daughter turned seven. We are in big kid territory now; there is no looking back! She was excited for her big day and all of the traditions it brings. Which in our house means a birthday muffin in the morning of your birthday and balloons at the breakfast table.  Our celebrations were not grand this year. We neither had the energy, the cash or the community to throw a big party. So we did what felt right.  We celebrated her birthday in several small ways. The night before her day we went out to dinner with my parents and opened gifts. 

The day of her birthday, we celebrated in Doylestown, PA at a community  park who was hosting a touch a truck event as well as a concert.  There was even a free dance lesson.

The next day her friend from preschool, A, came over for hat making and doll playing. The girls each have an American girl doll and they had 'tea' together.

And that was it! We sent muffins in for her birthday at school. She had a blast and so did we. Sometimes the simple things in life are really the best things.

She continues to amaze me; her memory, imagination and enthusiasm is remarkable! Since last May, she has rocked first grade, continued her gymnastics, did basketball, soccer and began to play the piano! And of course she became a mother to a guinea pig and took on all of the responsibilities that comes with owning an animal. She continues to be shy around children and adults when she meets them. She also is really sensitive but don't those of us who know her well know that she is a thinker, a good friend, an amazing sister who is pretty selfless when it comes down to it and a giant love. Seren lives and loves large. Happy happy birthday, Seren. We are so proud of who you are!

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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

And that is what's called a birthday celebration with class.

(And I am in love with Wyers).