Saturday, June 8, 2013

Piano Recital

Seren started taking piano lessons this academic year, in fall of first grade. She has really taken to it! It is a no pressure thing for us; the teacher is simply lovely. If she practices, awesome. If not, we don't get too stressed out. We encourage it and about two months ago she started playing...just because! We love to see that!

In May they had what they called a Play A Thon. Local piano teachers were able to sign up for time slots and their students could play. It took place in the middle of a mall.  Seren was excited and a bit nervous. The entire event took about 30 minutes as we just came, played and left.  She enjoyed her time on stage but needed to practice bowing. In the end, she just ran off the stage.  Her teacher performed the duet with her. Super sweet.

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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

Awesome, Seren. And good coaching, mommy and daddy!