Monday, April 28, 2008

Things she says

This is another post to help me try to capture Seren at this age. She is a walking contradiction. On the one hand, totally independent. She screams if you try to help her get dressed or put on her shoes. On the other hand, she wants to be hugged, soothed, held. Sometimes her frustration makes her blood boil. Honestly, I fear she has quite the temper. She shakes in her rage. Othertimes, saying a funny word will set in her peels of laughter. All said, overall, we didn't have a great weekend. We butted heads. The emotional energy it takes to keep positive despite all of the "No! No! NOOO!" and the patience it takes to play the game, or let her tie her shoes, or let her help can sometimes just wear me out! But this is parenting a two year old. And it is normal. And I'll live.

And in 6 days she'll be two.

I feel like she has been "almost two" for four months.

Last night, I was laying in my bed thinking about the funny expressions Seren has.

If you say, "I love you Seren", she'll sometimes respond, "Bushel and a peck". Which is a song I don't sing frequently to her but she clearly associates with "I love you."

I heard her talking to her plastic horse in the kitchen last night. "Hi, neigh-neigh. Nice to see you."

If you say, "Come here Silly girl!" She'll correct you, "No, Senen BIG girl."

My mistake.

Lastly, and this doesn't quite fall into the category of things she says...but it is my blog and it is Monday and raining...I am pleased to report that Seren continues to be quite empathetic. We had our friends Andy, Doug and Julie over last weekend. Julie started to cry about something. Her response surprised us all. She immediately ran over to her blanket, put it over her head and started to play peek-a-boo for Julie. This is something that we do all of the time to distract her. (well, we used to). It was exciting to see her try to soothe someone else.

Here is one of the sweet shots that her Aunt Andy took last weekend. Makes my heart melt. It is always good to go for a walk with a dear friend. And so much better to hold hands.

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Beth said...

I love your last line! That is so sweet. Hang in there. We're all going through it. :-)