Friday, May 2, 2008

Turning two...sniff, sniff

Today I joined Sam and Seren for Seren's 2 year old appointment. She took it very well. Afterall, with all of the nebulizer treatments and colds we have this winter, the staff KNOW us. Kinda like "Cheers."

Seren was so thrilled to stand on the scale all by herself. Weighing in at 28.06 lbs. She stood tall at 34.5 inches. We have heard if you double the height of a child at age 2, that is how tall he/she will be when they are fully grown.

I was off by 1 inch. I was to be 5'8 and am 5'7.

So if it works for Seren, she'll be 69 inches or 5 foot 9 inches tall! Wow! SO strange to think about her being taller than me when she is still hugging my knees.

I have much more to say about her turning two than I have time to articulate. This weekend should be a fun one. We are having a small family gathering! We can't wait. We have a "farm theme" planned. We are all excited to celebrate her second year of life with us.

I feel like it was just yesterday that we were at her one year appointment and debating the merits of switching her out of her infant seat. And now she can tell you all about her car seat, what color it is and if it is clean ("Mess, mamma, mess.")

Life is an amazing adventure. I love watching her grow. I'm one lucky and blessed Momma!

Happy early birthday, Seren. We love you!

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LauraC said...

Happy birthday Seren! Can't wait to hear about the party!