Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Elusive Three Little Words

I think it is every parent's dream to hear those three little words come from the mouth of your child(ren). There is something so life affirming about it! While you deep down KNOW they love you, it helps to hear it! Especially when you have your months of dealing with puking, not sleeping, and diaper changes gone bad.

We tell Seren we love her all of the time. At night, I must mention it, oh, 1000 times. She hugs us and kisses us good night. She blows kisses to me at the window when I leave in the morning.

But the "I love you Momma"?

No where to be found.

Guess who gets all of the sugar?

Moo-moo, the stuffed cow puppet.

Yesterday morning, Sam and I were barely awake. It was 5:30, afterall! (The 5:30 kick that started in May, has continued). We said our good mornings to her and said we loved her. Her response was the same: smile and say nothing.

I put her down on the floor so she could play. She took one look at Moo-moo and says in a crystal clear voice, "I love you, Moo-moo."

Hmph! Enough said.

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Laura S said...

Oh well Meg, perhaps she is working up to saying it to people?