Monday, June 30, 2008

What's going on?

Such a simple question. I ask it to my friends all of the time. But I am having one of those moments that when asked, I just want to respond, "What isn't going on?" :)

While last Monday's good "boy news" was thrilling, Tuesday's visit with the OB, combined with the shot, made me very anxious about everything. Then I had a deadline to meet on Wednesday and ended up loosing my entire draft. Then I attempted to travel to Michigan only to miss my connecting flight- arriving at 1 am. Everyone has those rough weeks where you just feel drained.

I felt drained.

That being said, traveled to Michigan this past weekend to spend time with Sam's parents. It was so good to see them! We had a really good time just relaxing, eating and enjoying Seren. So nice to see her with her grandparents.

This doesn't need to be said but sometimes it just hits you smack in the forehead: I really love Seren. She is a complete trip! She tells jokes and just laughs. She also throws fits and gets so angry at the "injustices of the world" such as shoes having to be put on or seat belts needing to be clicked. She is completely two and has my entire heart wrapped around her finger.

We got home Sunday. Sam did errands; I put Seren down for nap.

Then the lawn mower broke.
Then the washing machine broke.
Then we both freaked out.

Currently, HALF of our backyard is mowed.

We also spent a good 35 minutes bailing water out of our washing machine. It doesn't drain. So we had to take the water out ourselves.

Sam starts his new job today. As expected, it is suddenly upon us. I am so excited for him and know that it is going to be so good for him and for our family. But it is hard. And he is under pressure to do it all. We will need about six months to adjust to both working. By then, we'll be all good to go.

And then the new baby will arrive! :)

Send some good Karma to Sam to today! I can't wait to hear how his day was!


LauraC said...

Hope Sam had a first good day! All these changes are hard but when you are past them, you will be so impressed with all that you accomplished!

Laura S said...

You guys are rockstars. It will be tough at first, but worth it. Let me know when you want to talk, email me :)