Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good News

It has been a busy, stressful week for our family. It is only Wednesday morning. Being a high-risk pregnancy carries with it some really good stuff- careful monitoring- but some challenges too. We had a 16 week ultrasound on Monday. The good news?


And all looks good. Cervix is good. Sam and I just stared at that screen. Wow! A son! Amazing.

I also had to have a follow up with the normal OBGYN which frustrated me on many levels. It never ceases to amaze me how challenging it is to get good care. But that is a rant for another time. I am trying to stay positive. But I am very nervous about all of this. I am thrilled with the opportunity to become a mother again but scared out of my mind about pre-term labor, hospitalization, etc. I feel like some of that anxiety is not making me happy about being pregnant. I wonder if I am just too scared to do this!

I got my first big shot of progesterone last night. It went ok. I was nervous about that too. It didn't hurt going in but wow, today it is sore!

I am going to do my best to not freak out about every little twinge/pang. That normally would be so easy for me. But when all of the doctors repetitively say, "If you feel anything odd, call us" it makes me doubt what is normal. Hopefully in a few weeks, I'll start feeling the baby BOY and will get some reassurance of what is normal and not normal.

I have to find someway to manage the stress and enjoy the growing babe. (Yoga, prayer, journaling, other?) We feel so blessed by the opportunity to love another little one. In time, I'm sure more peace will come to all three of us.

We told Seren she was having a baby brother. Her reaction was simply to repeat "brother" which is basically what was going through my mind when we saw the ultrasound image. "Boy, boy, boy".

We have 1001 pink items. I think he could get used to wearing pink, don't you? :)


LauraC said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome. Nate and Alex don't get the concept of brother yet.

Laura S said...

Yay, a boy!!! What fun to have one of each, just like your own family. It is garage sale season so if you have the energy, get out there and get shopping, you can also sell some of your stuff to make room :) As a stress management technique, I recommend calling your friends. I don't do it enough and always feel better after I do!