Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Car!

Yeah! We got a new (to us) car yesterday! I am mostly just relieved. I hate the car buying experience! There are too many choices and there is too much stress. And in the end, despite the research you do, you feel like you are getting screwed. Ya know?

Sam and I have both been driving 1995s. So turning in our 13 year old car for a two year old car feels like quite the upgrade! Poor Sam has been a stay at home dad for two years in a two door Monte Carlo- with no a/c and no radio. I give him lots of credit.

Our new Mazda5 sport meets our budget, is good for the enviornment (seats are made of soy products, leaves a smaller eco footprint, etc), is totally practical which just about drives every decision in my life and is well...NEW!

I am actually too scared to drive it to work because my commute into NJ is crazy. But I'll get over that soon, I'm sure.

Despite the fact that technically it is a mini-van, and yes that means we have joined the "parents" group officially, it is a "mini-mini-van". I look forward to driving it for years to come and bringing home our baby in it! It is so cute! We feel very, very blessed! Now we just have to hope and pray that MY old car passes inspection this year! (Fingers crossed!!)

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Laura S said...

Very cool Meg! I am so glad you found a car that is right for you guys. We will be shopping for a new car soon too, but are actively trying to find ways to delay the decision.