Tuesday, August 19, 2008


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. All I wanted to do was teach in a classroom. I ended up being an education researcher- so not THAT far from my little girl dreams.

My brother wanted to be an ambulance driver. He always pretended to be helping people and saving them. Until May, he was an athletic trainer- the person who runs on the field when an athlete is injured. He hopes to one day be a physical therapist. Again, not too far from where he started off as a little boy.

Now Seren? Seren has her sights set pretty darn high, if I do say so for myself. She announced her dreams sometime last week:

"Some day, when I get big, I want to be a big, big, big moose. With antlers. Like this!"
(insert hand gestures on top of her head indictating antlers)

A mom can only hope.


LauraC said...

I think that is my favorite picture of Seren ever!! It just defines that toddler joy. Plus the sandals are too cute!

Julie said...

A moose! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh :)