Monday, August 25, 2008

Berry Picking and Beach Days

We have had busy weekends the last three or four weekends. With Sam working and another baby coming, I feel compelled to just ENJOY our weekends. So what if I need to clean? We are going outside! And it has been wonderful to spend time with one another.

This Saturday, we took Seren to the Jersey Shore. She had a complete blast! As a result, I had a complete blast. She spent a lot of the day doing "gymnastics". She does these wacky splits and likes to "stand on one leg". It was awesome. We left early, got to the shore and were on the beach by 10:30 with full sun screen. We left at 2 at which point Seren turns to me and says, "Momma? I want to go to sleep."

"That's fine with us, kiddo!"

Out she went and Sam and I got to talk (gasp!) on the way home. So very nice. We even made some (some) progress on the Name the Baby Front.

The weekend before we went berry picking on a farm. Seren loved this too and showed incredible self control by picking each berry, asking us if she could taste it, opening up her mouth and then, upon hearing, "not yet", placing it in the container. I couldn't believe it! Once we paid for the berries, we let her go to town. We have been reading "Blueberries for Sal" which is a classic story that I loved to read when I was growing up. (We actually read my old copy of the book). Seren turned to me while berry picking and said, "Blueberries for Sal and Blackberries for Seren!"

With Sam working two jobs, Seren and I have spent most of our Sundays together while Dad is at work. Or as Seren likes to say, "On the puter." (on the computer) It is just the girls. She and I have had fun on the swings and visiting with some friends. It really has been an amazing time. I have taken a ton of pics but none of them are downloaded yet! I girl can't be a good blogger with this wacky system!

But here is one of her on the beach that I like:

And here is a good one I took of her at a park in Cape Cod.

Stay tuned:
This week: Operation Big Girl Bed (OBGB) and a visit from blogging extraordinaire, Laura!


Julie said...

I CANNOT believe Seren had such self control to pick the berries without eating them right off the tree! We picked blueberries this past weekend and none that Lana picked actually made it into the bucket.

Laura S said...

What a big girl! She is so beautiful and I have serious hair envy (which must strike you from time to time too, no?)

LauraC said...

I don't know about extraordinaire!

Love love love the curls, but you know I am very partial to curly hair being a curly girl myself. And these weekends are so vey sweet... there will be plenty of time to clean the house when the weather is crappy! Enjoy summer while you can!

PS. We're watching the hurricane heading to Florida... my mom has to leave Florida to come here so there's a small chance our trip might get cancelled. Cross your fingers!!!

Beth said...

Seren is so beautiful! I love the curls! Sounds like you've been making the most of these summer weekends. Yay for that! Good luck with OGBG! And have fun meeting Laura. I'm sending good travel vibes to her mom.