Monday, August 4, 2008

Stories to Tell

I am alive and well! I am behind on everything but I'm hanging in there! We are back from our one week vacation to Cape Cod. It was amazing! I am actually tan and somewhat rested! Such a great week. And I have stories to tell! So many that I most likely don't have time to blog about all of them but will leave them here for myself and for my readers. (All 5 of you!) Any votes on which story to tell first?

1. Why the local ER knows my hubby
2. Seren's ride in a Pick Up Truck and why I know the insides of not one but TWO Pep Boys in CT and NJ?
3. Big Momma in the house- weight gain and major popping at week 22
4. Seren's House of Horror (our transition to Child care)
5. Sand, Water and Sun
6. Seren's two favorite phrases: "Momma! Whatcha doing?" and "I hear something!"

I can't believe our vacation is already over! So sad! I am behind in emails! Now that my two weeks of working like crazy at the office is coming to an end, I should be emailing all of you soon!


LauraC said...

Welcome back! I really missed your entries while you were gone, but so glad you had a great vacation. And I'm sorry to hear the transition to new child care has not been smooth sailing!

Julie said...

All of your stories sounds interesting, although the ER one sounds a bit scary. Can't wait to hear them when you have time...