Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sacrifice and Parents

Years before I became a parent, I distinctly remember an informal conversation I had with my Dad. He was talking about a family friend who just announced that he was going to become a father himself. My father's response was really interesting to me. "He isn't ready yet. But he has 9 months. He is too selfish, as a parent, you have to become selfless."

That comment continues to stick with me. Selfless. I've posted before about a sense of "Self" in parenting and how I struggle with that.

But I think this informal conversation regarding the nature parenthood is right on; you place your children before yourself.

Perhaps it is no surprise, then, when my parents have volunteered for a total of 9 weeks of driving up to help us. With Sam working nights and me working days, we have desperately needed help while I was on bedrest. We came up with a plan that has had them leaving their home three nights a week. Sometimes four. One day a week they have taken care of Seren from the morning until the evening.

They are working to care for all of us. And we are talking QUALITY care here; running errands, getting our car fixed for us, obtaining an absentee ballot, making dinner every night, sewing, painting pieces of furniture, buying preemie outfits, picking up medication, returning preemie outfits, hanging curtains...I could go on. And they don't live next door; they drive 45 minutes through wacky traffic patterns to be with us in the early afternoons/evenings. They pick Seren up from her child care place, make us dinner, help with bath and bed and then return home. They often return after 9:30pm.

They must be exhausted.

We have been so lucky to have them here with us. And they do all of this without complaint! "Oh sure, honey, we are glad to do it for you all. We love you all."

And the thing is? I know they mean it- that they would do it all over again if they had to. They are just like that; they don't see it as sacrifice. We are so lucky to have them.


Laura S said...

I love your parents, they rock! We are both so blessed with our families. Happy Thanksgiving, honey! Give your family a hug from me :)

Beth said...

And maybe one day, you and Sam will be doing the same for Seren--and doing it willingly and happily. It's the circle of life, right? Our families are definitely something to be thankful for! (Are you still pregnant? It's two days after Thanksgiving now! I hope you're well!)

LauraC said...

What a wonderful tribute to your parents! Glad you are still hanging in there and hope you had a great Thanksgiving.