Thursday, April 2, 2009

We bought a boat!

I know that the economy is falling apart, that people are loosing their homes and that businesses are tanking. But knock on wood, we haven't been directly impacted. Other than slightly higher prices in food, we are doing ok. We have been saving up for a long time to follow our passion of sailing! We live close to the NJ shore and this week we did it! We bought a boat!!

We got a little sunfish! We see this as our own personal stimulus effort! Check it out! Isn't it awesome??

(Did I get you?)

We don't sail. We don't have extra money. We are practical people, VERY practical. And for that reason and that reason only, we bought this:

Our very own 2002 Buick Park Avenue!

Indeed, a very different KIND of boat! :) This has been owned by an older woman and is immaculate! (We can't wait to smush cheerios all over it) It is FULLY loaded and includes such luxuries as "memory" seating! Awesome! The kids have PLENTY of room, it gets better gas mileage than the SUVs we were looking at AND the trunk can easily fit three people in it. (if for some reason you needed to put people in the trunk!)

Sam said it well. "It is so comfortable! It is like driving in our living room. Only it is more comfortable!"

Yeah, we are a "think outside the box" kind of family.


LauraC said...

I would love to have memory seats but now that we have two cars, we each get a car so no need for memory seats!

One of my friends from college bought a boat in his mid-20s and I was like WHAT?!?! Why??? I'm too practical.

Of course Jon and I are so practical that we've had 5 major appliances break in the last two weeks because they were so old.

Beth said...

I love it Megan! Ed's favorite car he ever drove was a Chrysler New Yorker--I think it had been his grandfather's. A sweet ride never goes out of style! (And neither does an awesome deal.) Enjoy!