Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost a week!

There are so many things to write about but I don't know where to start! I had another good weekend with my family- a chance to relax, to pick out a pumpkin, to play together, to attend another preschool birthday party, a chance to go on a date with my husband. All very good things. We have had full weekends recently. This world known as "preschool" is all very new to me. There are parties to attend, newsletters to read, school pictures to take and most exciting, Halloween Parades! It is very different! And it is busy. But *I* seriously LOVE preschool. Seren is like a walking song. She has a song for everything. Cleaning up. Snack. Getting ready. She just sings and hums along. I love it!

I can't wait for the parade tomorrow!

But I was hit with a cold and fever that knocked my socks off this week! Man! It started with an allergy attack which quickly went into a fever that four days later, I still have! The doctor says I have an ear infection. I am having trouble hearing now but generally feel much better. I literally got in bed at 7:15pm Monday night and stayed there until the morning. And then took the day off and went back to bed! I haven't had that much rest in three years! Sam has been uberdad- doing it ALL while I secluded myself with juice, medicine and a Kleenex box.

Oh well, I believe sometimes our bodies just say 'Enough is enough' and conk out on us. Just really hoping that the kids don't get this cold/fever thing! That is all we need!

In other exciting news, Uncle John is in town! Yeah! We haven't seen him since May. He came for Seren's third bday party. Seren is very excited.

Wyeth is walking up a storm! It started in earnest on Friday and he hasn't stopped. It is amazing to watch! I can't get over it. We also just switched his car seat out. Goodbye infant car seat. Between the walking and the new car seat his early days of laying around on me seem long gone. This too makes me sad. Did I cherish it enough?

So with the cold, this week hasn't exactly gone as planned. But we are all hoping for a great Halloween. Seren is going to be a 'nice witch' and SHE wanted Wyeth to be her black cat. Which is better than my friend's daughter who upon announcing she would be Little Bo Peep tried to convince her mother that her younger sister would need a leash around her neck and could be the sheep! Talk about therapy bills!
I can just hear it now, "Well, doctor, I always felt as if my contributions to the family were not valued. It started really at birth. My first Halloween, I was made out to be my older sister's sheep..."

Happy Halloween!

Below are some recent pics of the team. Check out the fridge action.

And despite my worries that my baby is growing too fast, he still is, afterall, only a little guy.

Sigh. Life is good.


LauraC said...

I had something similar this weekend, exhausted, lots of sleeping. I will send you a cold vs flu vs H1N1 chart someone sent me that was very helpful!

Hope you have a great Halloween!

Beth said...

Oh no! Glad you're feeling better. I can sympathize with Sam being uberDad! I was uberMom last week when Ed was sick. It was actually kind of nice to spend so much time with the kids! Anyway, cute cute pictures. You are all so photogenic. Enjoy Uncle John's visit, and have an awesome Halloween!

Julie said...

Ugh, sorry you lost a week to illness. We are also battling the crud in our house--even the new baby.

I totally agree about LOVING preschool. I see so many positive changes in Lana--the singing (there is something adorable about that little voice singing a whole song), the following directions (sometimes), the knowledge--the other day she told me that bats are nocturnal. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at her and asked her where she learned the word nocturnal--"School Mom!" Of course, what was I thinking? I love it!!