Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scared of Wind

As a parent, there are no shortages of times when you just shake your head and wonder how your child is actually related to you.

This past week Seren has become horribly afraid of wind.

Wind, peoples. Wind.

It is fall. It is chilly. It is windy.

We have 'issues'.

It all started last Wednesday when her fireman's hat that she got from school blew off her head. Later that day, Sam placed two library books on the top of the car. Sam assured her that they would not blow off. But they did! Well, since then, we haven't heard the end of wind fears. The teacher at school has told us to put her in a hoodie that the teacher then sinches up around her face. But the screaming about the wind continues. She holds on to her hair for dear life. She clutches her skirts when she is outside.

We have tried to emphasize how much FUN the wind is! Yeah! Kite flying! Yahoo! Sail boat racing! Check it out- wind is FUN.

Nope. She is not buying it.

Scared of the wind. Any ideas?

How many more days until spring?


LauraC said...

I hate to say it - ride it out!

I have an extended list of things Alex is afraid of. Right now he is afraid of pooping on the toilet. Want to trade?

Beth said...

LOL! Wind is one I haven't heard before. I'm sure this too shall pass. William is absolutely freaked out by the catering van that delivers food to the daycare center in the morning. We often arrive at the same time in the morning, and if the van pulls up next to us, we have to stay in the car with the doors closed until the delivery man has gone inside. If we're pulling into the parking lot as the van is getting ready to leave, we have to stay in the car with the doors closed. It's not very rational, but show me a rational 3 year old, and I'll give you everything I own!

Julie said...

Yeah, we have a ton of irrational fears here too. Freaked out doesn't cover it! Poor Seren, the wind! I had an irrational fear of worms when I was little and I would hate to be outside in the rain--jumping over every worm and screaming! I hope it gets better for her (and you!)

John said...

I wouldn't recommend coming to CB anytime soon then, we have gusts up to 30 mph today, and sometimes 45+