Friday, October 9, 2009

Ten Months

Wyeth, you turned ten months last Saturday and here it is Friday. Right before you turned 10 months you took a few steps! It was amazing to see!

You continue to grow and explore and just tackle the world! I see you as someone who isn't cautious about anything! You just dive right in and keep smiling.

You continue to explore finger food but prefer Momma and Dadda to shovel the food in. Puffs and bits of rice and pasta are ok but wow, mango, applesauce, prunes and yogurt is where its at!

You are sleeping a bit better. After your grandparents visit in mid-September, we moved you back to the TV room instead of sharing your room with your big sister. We tried for 6 weeks to make it work. But it wasn't working. You sleep much better in your own space. Which is good! Here-here for better sleep but wow...we haven't seen a minute of TV in a month. We may decide that we need to rearrange our house so that you actually sleep in a crib (as opposed to your pack and play) and so that Daddy and I can unwind in our TV room at the end of a long day.

You have been all about exploring the world these past couple of weeks. Closets NEED to be opened. So do drawers! And cabinets!

We have tried harder to 'teach' you things. I read in my journal that Seren was identifying body parts at 10 months and we hadn't even started yet! So we are working on "belly" and "nose". You LOVE to stand naked in the tub and smack your belly over and over again. You are built like a little football player with big thighs and a nice round head. The only other trick you play is when we say "arms up" you raise your arms! And most recently, in the last week, you finally have begun to clap.

Mommy is trying to teach you sign language! I could have sworn you signed for 'more' but Daddy and Seren think you were just pointing out your Cheerios.

You still nurse about once a day but that is it. Take it or leave it. This morning was the first morning you didn't even really want to do that. This broke mom's heart into a pile of tiny bits but I know that our relationship will just grow and change.

About once a day you burst into giggle fits. These send me into hysterics as well. Your whole body laughs and your giggles are 100% contagious. I laughed so hard on Wednesday night that my throat hurt the next day!

Today Daddy sent me a picture of you all dressed up in your Michigan gear which arrived from Grandma and Grandad just last night. Since it is Phone Photo Friday, I'll include it here.

Happy 10 months, Wyeth. We love you!

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