Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doing Hair

As a mother of a girl, I have to worry about hair. Which means I have to worry about my own limp hair which I affectionately call the "seedweed on a rock" look AND my daughter's hair.

All of you with boys may want to buy the cute bows, the charming hair clips and the fun ponytail holders. Sure. There are a ton of cute clips out there! Pricey too!

But to actually DO the hair each morning? It is a nightmare in our house.

I think everyone has a daily item that they struggle with thier kids. Some hate getting thier shoes on. Or thier coats and mitttens. Or sitting in thier car seats. Seren's "thing" is her hair.

It drives me crazy.

Now lets remember what Seren's hair looks like. It is curly. Wavy. Notty as hell. It looks nothing like my hair. And nothing like Sam's hair.

And I have to brush it. Everyday. And she hates it.

So we have come up with many 'tricks' to help with this task. For a while, I was putting on magic gloves. When I had my gloves on, it was gentle and wouldn't hurt. Sam made the gloves fly so for a while, I had to 'catch' the gloves before putting them on. That was good.

When I took her to the hair cuttery about a month ago, I asked them what I should do. They recommended a leave in treatment, etc., etc. (Really!? A leave in treatment for a 3 year old!?). But Seren said that at the hair cuttery, they did it so that it didn't hurt. So now when I brush it she tells me (everyday) "Just like they do it mom. Down-down-down, side-side-side, top-top".

If I stray from this...say, perhaps going to the top first...I hear about it. "NO!! Down-down-down, side-side-side, top-top."


My best friend has two girls now. And her oldest daughters' hair is always perfect. Always. I have asked her to show me how to do it. She said it is all about the part. Right. But I tried to follow her one summer and Seren's hair is a mess of curls and frizzles. When she takes pictures of the two girls together, I can't help but compare the two heads of hair and I cringe. Case in point:

But I am learning. We are getting into it. We now braid her hair. And she likes that. And we are getting there. Just a lot of work in the morning.

Afterall, it could be worse:


Jessica said...

LOL. Love the last picture! Yes, the morning hair routine sounds like a real grind. Flying magic gloves?! I am always impressed by the creative measures parents use to make life easier. : )

LauraC said...

Megan this post speaks to ME!!! My hair was always curly curly curly and I literally have SO MANY memories of being 5 and my mom and I fighting it out because of brushing my hair. My mom also has straight hair and has no idea how to do curly hair.

Sooooooooo... I will give you some tips.

First it is much easier if you can wash it in the morning instead of nighttime. Wet hair at night = frizzy in the mornings = more brushing. It is also much easier to do a shower and use a pick in the shower than it is to do a bath. The running water helps detangle.

If you do decide to brush in the morning, you can use a detangling spray to REALLY wet it down. Then use a wide tooth comb to detangle instead of a brush. The brush is what hurts the head and the pulling of the hair trying to get the tangles out.

Another thing that really works is to braid it at night and then sleep on it. This is easiest to do a big loose braid in the back instead of tight braids close to the head. Think medicine woman (what was that tv show?!?!)

This website is a great resource for curly hair, particularly this link:

Pretty much the worst thing you can do for curly hair is brush it when it is dry. SERIOUSLY I can not tell you how many years my mom tried to battle curly hair. Once she stopped brushing it, our hair relationship was much better!

Whitney said...

I totally agree with Laura! My mom to this day comes up to me and tells me I need to brush my hair!! And, as Laura says, that's the worst thing you can do! You only comb it with a wide tooth comb when it's wet. I also only wash in the morning. Otherwise, hair goes into a ponytail/clip. Braiding overnight never worked for me because my hair will adopt that exact shape for the rest of the day -- that eighties style kink is definitely not in these days! I still struggle to find a product that works with my hair, since it is is wavy and thin and goes to frizz with any humidity at all. Especially not sure what I would use on a 3-4 year old!

OWL MOMMA said...

Is Seren's hair very curly, or just wavy? Hard to tell from the pics. K has pretty curly hair, but it's baby fine and tangles very easily. It is however easy to brush it, and it just curls back up again even when I blow it dry straight. So we braid her hair before bed to keep the tangles away, then brush out in the morning and wait for the normal curl to resume (the humidity here is so bad that it always does). I guess I am blessed though because K LOVES to have her hair brushed... and braided, and put into ponytails... one day she insisted on having it in six separate pony tails. She loves having "spa time" where I brush her hair and put her lotion on her :) Oh, and the trick for K is that I only wash her hair aout every 6 weeks. In between it's just water rinses. And when we do wash it, I use shampoo followed by apple cider vinegar to condition.