Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Day of Daddy Camp

Preschool for Seren starts Monday! Sam, Seren and Wyeth made it! 13 weeks of no child care and no school! I'm proud of Sam.

We all had a blast!! We really did. We had a wonderful, wonderful summer. Cape Cod, a trip to NYC, days at the park, days at the pool, chalk, sand tables, hikes, walks, time with friends, time with family, picnics, concerts at the park, Habitat. We did everything I wanted to do on my summer list! Including Sesame!

oh! And paddle boating! We did that too!

We are so blessed by this summer!

Not this week but last week of Daddy camp brought the theme of 'journeys'. They read a lot of stories about people taking journeys, etc. And we got these wonderful 'Little House on the Prairie' stories from a friend. We love them! The stories are so simple. So classic.

So I present to you "Little House on The Prairie" meets Levittown. Sam really outdid himself.

(In case you can't tell, this is the covered wagon! Complete with pots and pans like they used to have hanging out of the wagon. And a horse.)


A new year begins on Monday! We are all excited!!


Whitney said...

Love, love, love the horse!! :)

Beth said...

So tell me again why Sam has a law degree instead of a master's in early childhood education? Sounds like he missed his calling. Totally AWESOME!!!!

John said...

Sam, you are a genius! I don't think i have ever seen anyone do anything like this. Sit back and enjoy a cold tall one, you outdid yourself

Julie said...

Amazing Sam!!! WOW!

Glad you had a wonderful summer--your smiles say it all.

Tina said...

sam is an amazing father....a direct quote from brian - "i can't even compete."