Friday, September 10, 2010

Take My Face to Sesame Place

Last weekend, on Labor Day, my parents treated our family to a wonderful evening at Sesame Place!

Talk about a nutty Sesame themed day! That night, after everyone was asleep/passed out, I could still hear the songs in my head.

We had a blast!

We got there at 3pm for the "cheaper" 'twilight' tickets. And the kids just had a blast in the water and on the rides. Well, some of the rides. I pushed my little guys hard early on to just get the 'big rides' over with. They didn't like that. It was too scary. But the rest of the day was FUN!

Highlights included
Elmo's World 'show'- Seren TOUCHED the real Elmo
The Parade- dancing and seeing the characters up close was amazing!
Going down water slides with my family!

Here are some pictures!

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Beth said...

Great idea to go in the late afternoon/evening. I'm so glad y'all had fun! Seth loves to look at all the pictures from the parade. Definitely a good time!