Friday, September 17, 2010

"That's pretty much all he's got"

Wyeth, unbelievably, is approaching 2 years old. It is nutty! I just made his 2 year old 'well' appointment for December!

The boy loves to JUMP! And dance! And move! So much that I have begun calling him "Mr. Molecule"

Words are still slow to come by. I stopped worrying about this 8 weeks ago when we got a spurt of words. Today I'm back to worrying about it.

Here is what we got:
What does a cow say "Moo"
What does a snake say "Sss"
What does a sheep say "Baa"
What does an owl say "Owl" (he always just says owl)

We also have
Bye Bye
Boon! (for balloon)

I think that is it! Seren will quiz him and one night when we were with my parents she got to the end of this list prompting with "Wyeth, can you say XXX" and announced. "That's pretty much all he can say!"

And she was right. He can point to his body parts. (where is your belly, nose, mouth, lips, etc) He can give kisses. Blow kisses. Clap, etc. He can do many, many physical things. But talking about anything other than trash and cars? Just not that into it.

Mabye we'll have another spurt. Maybe too now that Seren (aka motormouth) is back in school, we can focus a bit on talking to Wyeth more. But it is good for me to record what he has mastered.


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

I always hear that they work on one thing or the other - the physical skills or the verbal - and then switch. I bet he will get to a plateau with all his great physical skills and then have a talking spurt.

Do you know "The Belly Button Book" by Sandra Boynton? The baby hippo calls a balloon "boon," too! : )

Beth said...

I am no expert, but I bet you have nothing to worry about! I have heard so many stories of late talkers. It seems like all the other pieces are there and before you know it, he will be rivaling his sister. (Okay--maybe that's a stretch, but try not to worry! LOL)

Julie said...

I think its hard when you already have a hyper-verbal child, b/c its impossible not to compare. He will probably have a language explosion and you will wonder what you ever worried about. There is such a WIDE range of "normal".

Lacey is in that pointing with the "Ah" phase and I just wish she would say something so I don't have to keep guessing what the heck "Ah" is.