Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last week as I mentioned was pretty insane. We started soccer and school. It was just one of those 'switches' in energy. Like someone had flipped the power switch to "ON".

And I think I'm still adjusting! Last night I had a mini melt down of exhaustion. Add in work stress, upcoming work travel, a broken car, a broken watch, a broken toilet and two cranky children, and it was a nice meltdown on my part.

What is it about this age that I find bone sucking exhausting!? I hate that I feel that way! I want to ENJOY what time I have with my children when they are children. Inidividually they are complete joys. Put them together at dinner time or during bath and wow, we have seen some major meltdowns the last two weeks. Maybe they are adjusting too.

ANYWAY, we started soccer on September 8th and we had her first soccer game three days later. It is HYSTERICAL!

Seren is a complete trip. Typical of her personality, she follows guidance to a 't'. If they say 'keep the ball between your two feet', she does. They didn't tell her to run while dribbling. So she didn't. Then we coached her later one night and said, 'You can also try to run'. oh! I didn't realize that!

She also runs right past the goal post. The girls on the team are equally hysterical. Everyone going in different directions. Some running. Some watching butterflies (our daughter). But she has a BLAST at it. The first 'game', they were warming up and I could hear her peals of laughter coming from the field. She absolutely loves sprinting around in a group like that. So it has been fun.

My father and mother in law visited for the first game and second practice and good some good video footage. Can't wait to see it! Here are some shots that my father in law took of our soccer player. I'm proud of her for trying something new with enthusiasm!

"THIS way Seren, THIS way"- Coach Kelley

Meanwhile, WYETH seems VERY good on the field. He has his own soccer ball and just dribbles like he was BORN to play soccer. Amazing! Off he goes. He is REALLY into soccer and wanted to hold the soccer ball to his chest during nap this weekend.

(This isn't a picture of him playing soccer but I like the Daddy kiss!)

So, I have two soccer players. Sam and I are good cheerleaders. Now we just need a minivan.

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Julie said...

Looks like a success! Soccer for us was a total bust--waste of time and money and a guaranteed arguement each week about participating, having fun and not quitting. I love the pic of Seren pulling up her shorts!!