Monday, January 17, 2011

Good long weekend

I'm going to try to forget about the fact that we don't get another three day weekend until MAY and focus on the fact that we had a really good time the last three days.

On Saturday, we all loaded into the trusty Buick and drove a short while to Baltimore, MD to visit my uncle and aunt! We also stopped at the Dansko outlet! I drooled over the inexpensive (but oddly sized) Danskos! We arrived just in time for lunch.

We put the kids down for rest/nap and then when everyone woke up took them to the playground! It was still cold but so fun to run around after a morning in the car. They had a good time.

My Aunt and Uncle are just so cool. They always are doing something to better the world. My Aunt is a full time therapist at a school for young girls/women, my uncle is a retired teacher and still is a Big Brother to someone he met 10 years ago! Awesome! And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

They treated us to an amazing Indian dinner. And after bed, we settled in to watch part of a movie. During the visit, the kids were a little off. They were excited but sleepy. And Sunday morning, Seren was just plain rude and sassy. El and Ken are very understanding and non judgemental about well...everything...but Seren was ridiculous! She was just tired- she woke up early- but after all of these lessons about manners, etc....nothing was 'sticking'. Oh well, once we got the troops moving, she felt better. Less PMS. I swear...this four year old is going to be one heck of a teenager!

We went to the fabulous Walters Art museum which was a gorgeous architectural masterpiece. And the kids loved it! We have taken them to see art before but they really got into it. When we got out on one of the floors, we were met with a large Crucifix at which point Seren yelled out, "Wow! An Indian!" We tried to explain who it was. But she had way too many questions. "Why is there that pin in his foot? And one in both of his hands? What is on his head?"

My UCC background couldn't really do these questions justice. :) Time to brush up on the art of explaining world religions to four year olds!

Anyway, after strolling around the art, we joined the rest of the kids in this great Kids Art room! Unreal! They each did a craft, got to do dressup and we just had a really good time! All for free to honor MLK day! Wow!

We had a lovely lunch out and then had to say goodbye. We had to jump back in the car. Seren was asleep instantly. So was Wyeth. Sam and I even had a little chatting time!

I love being close to family. While I'm not always in love with the East Coast, trips like the ones to see my Aunt and Uncle or up to see long time friends just can't happen if we were to move out West again. And staying connected with those who loved you then and love you now is good stuff. Very good stuff.

Today we woke up early..."we" meaning the kids and I! And I got to take Wyeth to his little music class! What a treat!

My parents then joined us and we went bowling! This was on the family 'to do' list for January-March. What a hoot! We played bumper bowling and we also used these little ramps/shoots. Seren bowled at a friends' 5th bday party last weekend and enjoyed it! So we tried today as well.

At one point, my mom, dad, Seren and I were all trailing Wyeth! The two year old!? Pathetic!

But we had a good time!

It was a great three day. Time with my family, my parents, my uncle, my aunt and my kids. Good food.

Good times! Here is to more long weekends in 2011!

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Julie said...

Sounds like a great holiday weekend!! Ours was just ho-hum. I want more weekends with FUN and less with errands and cleaning.