Monday, January 24, 2011

Suburban Weekend Away

Our good friend, Mitch, and his partner, are trying to decide when to have kids. And what it is 'really' like. So Mitch asked if he could spend Saturday night at our house. They live in a foodie paradise in Park Slope. He knows all of the bands. They go to concerts. They eat out. A lot. They READ the New York Times. They go to places like Hong Kong. And here he was asking us if he could see how 'we' live in suburban Philadelphia! So, of course, we said yes!

Welcome aboard!

Seren woke up at 5:30 am on Saturday asking me when Uncle Mitch was going to come to our house! And this question pretty much continued the entire day, until he DID arrive around 5:30 in the evening. Our Saturday, I took the kids to Picture People. This was a first for me. I typically get very nervous trying to get the 'best' shot. And making the kids look perfect. But since I'd found a Groupon, and was already getting a deal, I relaxed. A little.

Wyeth, Mr. Two year old, wanted nothing of it. Seren was there- hamming it up. Smile? Sure. Tilt my head? Sure. Move my legs to the side instead of FLASHING my undies? Sure.

Wyeth was Mr. Cling.

After a good 10 minutes of trying to persuade him, the photographer turned to me and said, "We are going to have to reschedule. Or, you are going to have to get in the shot."


But not my face. Nope. My legs.

I was covered in two HUGE white blankets. One covering my legs and one covering my torso and neck. Wyeth sat facing me and Seren sat next to me.

And that is how we got the shot!

Anyway, I did that with the kids while Sam did some on line grading. Then we came home after a lunch 'out'.

When Mitch arrived, Seren was beside herself with excitement. She had to tell him EVERYTHING! She had made a card for him and already picked out what GAME she was going to play with Uncle Mitch. "He is here!!! Yay!!"

Dinner was normal dinner. Wyeth ate little. Seren ate a good portion. They complained. They talked too loudly. They didn't really eat what we ate. And they had fun. It was loud. Sam, Mitch and I barely could have a conversation.

The best part was when Mitch earnestly turned to me and said, "This whole thing...this, right now? What we are doing? Is this like normal?"


"And you know he has a noddle in his hair, right?"


But we had fun! Once the kids were bathed, we spent the evening talking and drinking wine which was awesome. Sunday we got up and went to the local children's museum- Please Touch in Philadelphia. We have a membership there so it was a lot of fun to just enjoy it as a family.

The weekend went by quickly, really. And soon it was time to say goodbye to Uncle Mitch. I was proud by how quickly they warmed to him and wanted to share their lives with him. And both Wyeth and Seren held his hand as we explored the museum.

Having young kids is just so INTENSE! There are some moments where I just can't handle the lack of downtime. But man, I wouldn't trade it. And seeing our loud family life through someone else's eyes was a really unique perspective.

Great weekend over all! Including the noodles in Wyeth's hair.


Whitney said...

Um, I have to say, that's an unfair way to determine if/when to have kids! It could be downright terrifying!! Better to just jump in, in blissful ignorance, so that they grow on you and you love them to death before they get to the toddler years!!

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

i can't wait for noodles in the hair.