Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I use this blog to try, desperately, to capture the intimate details of my life with two toddlers. But facebook posts, videos, blogs and digital cameras don't do it justice. There isn't a way to capture this fleeting experience of childhood. And every night as I kiss my kiddos goodnight, I try to think about the special moment of the day. The moment when I was really present. I've decided that the most amazing sound ever is the sound of my children laughing. And the best touch ever is the feel of my children's soft skin. And I love trying to capture the little moments that make my life as a mother spin.

Some Seren snapshots:

I taught her 'eeny, meeny, miny moe' which she has used frequently to make decisions regarding which book to read at night, etc. But her version is hysterical. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. If the tiger wants to eat good food, eeny, meen, miny, moe." ETC.

Tonight I was washing her hair, which she loves (sarcasm). And she said, "MOM! You know I hate this whole thing! And it always gets in my eyes! I just wish my eyes were at the bottom of my face and my mouth and nose were up top! That way, the soap and water wouldn't get into my eyes! GRR!!!"

Seren also likes to play the 'Mermaid' game. This is the game where Wyeth and I need to 'search' for a mermaid. Wyeth and Seren are always in the bath tub when we play this game. I say something like, "Oh! Wyeth, I hope we can find a beautiful mermaid! One with long, dark, curly hair and beautiful green-blue eyes! I just hope we find one! Sigh. Oh wait, what was that!? Did you see that? Was that a mermaid!?"

And so we cautiously, oh so cautiously, approach the mermaid. Turns out, the mermaid speaks Spanish! So we have to speak in Spanish. (Which is quite limited to asking the mermaid' What's the weather like today?' and other items I have learned from preschool Spanish). With much relief, the mermaid likes us AND she wants to go home with us.

We play this game every time we bathe the two of them. And it thrills Seren to no end! What a riot!

The other night, Seren and Wyeth found the beach bag. It is the dead of winter, of course, and so we have no need for beach shoes, swim trunks, etc. But that didn't stop them. Nope. They took all of their clothes off and each put on two swim suits. They then proceeded to 'splash' in the ocean and 'lay out' on their beach towels. I was the one 'slathering on' sun tan lotion.

The two of them have such amazing imaginations! Seren can get lost in her pretend play. And Wyeth can too! While Wyeth's play is less verbal, he covers the sound effects portion of pretend play. Water 'whooses' and toast 'pops'. He will also 'wash' his hands in his kitchen sink and come up to you asking to dry off his hands! As if he really needs a papertowel.

These minds that I live with always amaze me. Figuring things out.

Wyeth too is having a verbal/cognitive explosion. Finally! He is still only stringing two words together at once. But we love it! "Two crackers" is his most favorite refrain. "Blue truck. Blue car. Hot touch." That sort of thing. But he is getting it! And as of two weeks ago, he LOVES letters! He is constantly pointing them out. S! X! T! E! H! So that is VERY exciting for me.

Lastly, for now, Wyeth does two things at night every night which I love. First, he puts books under a couch pillow. And every time he pulls one out for me to read, he yells PISE! (As in, surprise!). Awesome.

And secondly, when I sing him to sleep, he finishes the phrase or line of the song. This duet singing is my most favorite activity. Seren did this for so long and I love it. And now it is Wyeth's turn. I love singing the Rainbow Connection. "The lovers, the dreamers" and then Wyeth chimes in, "and me." Ohh, the sweet moments that make me laugh, smile, and cry...sometimes all at once.

January has brought a sense of reflection. But I can't find the emotional or physical space to really do it justice. In time, in time. But while I'm reflecting on life goals, family goals, and big dreams, I'll take the moments of clarity where I'm truly present playing the Mermaid game, finding letters or singing lullabies.


LauraC said...

I've never felt like my blog was able to capture the true magic of having kids. I try but it is elusive.

And you only have one toddler. Seren, almost FIVE, is most certainly a pre-schooler!

Julie said...

Beautiful post Megan! You do capture these moments, sweet delicious moments with your babies. I am misty!

We also do the pretend beach--complete with swimsuits, sunhats and sand castles. Lana also is into eeny meeny, but her version is "catcha betcha by the toe, if he howls let him go". hilarious!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Yes, I need to capture more snapshots of my day-to-day life. We, too, love "The Rainbow Connection" and singing or reading together!