Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wyeth breaks my heart (unintentionally). Every.single.morning.

"No momma. No go. Stay home."

When he says this, about three times a day, it flattens me to the earth.

Seren has a phrase which makes me laugh even though she says it in pure frustration.

"MOM! You are bugging on me! How am I supposed to play when you are trying to brush my hair! Stop bugging on me!"


Last night Seren was ruminating about the Easter bunny. "Mom, ya know what? Santa and the Easter Bunny are just really, really nice. Because they give us things that you and Dad say 'no' to. It is so nice of them! How do they know what we want!?"

I am the new celebrity in the house. Everyone wants me to put them down to bed. This celebrity status will not last long. But I do love it. Wyeth adamently argues, "Mommy me down. Daddy sissy down." (Translation: I want Mom to put me to bed and I'd like Dad to put Seren to bed.)

Again, it won't last long. The good. The bad. Nothing lasts too long.

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