Friday, April 22, 2011

Show Me the Mommy: Memory Lane

Growing up we were very fortunate to have excellent family friends who lived in Watermill, NY. "Aunt Jane" is my mom's best friend from college. And every summer we would go up and visit our friends in the Hamptons. Aunt Jane's mom, "Aunt Gwen" was like a third grand mom to me. (And I know the logic of the "Aunts" makes no sense)These two women and their sisters were another family for our family growing up.

During these summers, they would let us stay in one of their amazing family beach houses. Some summers, my parents would paint the beach house in exchange. Or work on the pool deck. Since my parents were both teachers, we would stay in Long Island for 6 weeks at a time! What an amazing way to spend our summers. Truly, truly. I had a set of friends up there so my summers included sleep overs and birthday parties too.

My brother and I both have fond memories of time spend on the beach. We just played in the sand all day long. And we played in the dunes. I remember going to sleep in the houses with the sound of the ocean in my ears. I can still 'smell' the house we stayed in if I close my eyes. Lobster eating, eating crepes made by George Nelson (another family friend), dancing on the deck, finding a nest of baby bunnies, having the blue fish 'run', taking showers outdoors with frogs hopping about, bike riding on long, open roads past the family farms, and boating with family friends. So many memories! We were so lucky that their family opened their homes to us!

Just before we got pregnant with Seren, Sam and I stopped by Long Island- at Sagg Beach. And snapped a few pictures. At that point, it had been years since I had visited. And the houses had changed. The Hamptons are famous for being the homes of the rich and the famous. Billy Joel. Etc, etc. But for me,the Hamptons are synonymous with simple beaches, family friends and many fond memories.


Beth said...

What wonderful memories! I have so many memories of summers spent at the pool and the beach, and I worry that I won't be able to give my kids the same kinds of experiences. What summer traditions will we establish? I hope we'll figure something out. In the meantime, thanks for sharing! Your childhood summers sound amazing. :-)

Julie said...

Great post--i love everything about it.