Wednesday, April 20, 2011



When do boys stop talking about poop? He has started. When does it stop?

When do boys stop picking thier noses? He has started. When does it stop?

Wyeth continues to be a giggle machine. Making hysterical laughing sounds at the drop of a hat. And it is contagious! I'm the worse and getting some laugh out of him and then not being able to stop myself. Doing it again and again just to hear his sweet laugh and voice. I want to get that laugh on tape! Included in our 'song list' is a made up song that I HAVE to sing about poop. Gross! And hysterical. He continues to be a picky eater and goes to bed too late. But he is happy.

She is our mimic. Doing lots of things we do. Including doing her 'taxes'. Daddy printed out an extra sheet and she is insisting on filling it in. She has listed her teachers as he 'dependents' and listed her day school too.

We were not given much financial aid for the private school we applied to. So...public school here we come! The sadness of this hasn't really hit me yet. (not the public school experience per se but the kindergarten part). Ok, really, it is rolled into one.

Seren is all drama, all of the time. She pulls it together when you give her a good stern pep talk. But last night, I left her upstairs for about 2 minutes while I helped Wyeth with his request for raisins and crackers. And I hear her moan, "Oh God. No one helps me in this world."


She is really getting into reading. Sam said it well, "We can tell she is trying to read because she is struggling wit the words." For a while, we couldn't tell if she had memorized the book or started to read. Now we know! It is exciting and I'm thrilled and so proud of her! Such big stuff!

Her birthday party will soon be upon us. Unreal.

She is playing soccer at a fun local league. No stress. No 'soccer under the lights' like we had in the fall. Just playing and being goofy. We love it. She is even playing! Bonus!

Seren is still wet every morning. What are other moms doing about this? Or are all May 2006 kids night trained? We aren't. At all. Clearly.

Working on publishing his book of poetry!! Stay tuned for links!
Looking for work that is meaningful
Holding down the fort and being an amazing sport
Running weekly

Managing to breath more often.
Taking time out once a month to not put the kids down and have dinner out with girlfriends.
Running twice a week.
Starting on planning another Habitat build day.
Working on internalizing the great quote from the Velveteen Rabbit, "It doesn't happen all at once. You become."

I take pictures. Many pictures. I'm sad they haven't made it the blog in many weeks. Part of it has to do with our new camera. Pics to come next post.

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LauraC said...

We still talk about poop and still have nose pickers. Alex is still in a pullup. We have tried to be without it and he just pees the bed all night without waking up.

Life is still so busy!!!