Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap 2011

Easter isn't a 'huge' deal in our house. I never really understood how the Bunny was related to the historic/religious event. And we didn't 'see' the bunny at the mall growing up so I guess I'm continuing on some of those non tradition traditions.

But we managed to have a really nice Easter!

On Saturday, we got up in the pouring rain, put on Seren's fine Easter dress (sent from Grandma) and headed down for a fun egg hunt in Narberth (where my parents live). They had a blast looking for the eggs that my parents had hidden all over the first floor. Seren would look and squeal! Wyeth would find an egg, open it up, eat its contents and then go look for another. No delayed gratification here, thank you very much! My parents had stuffed them with crackers, stickers and other fun trinkets.

(no time like the present! Find an egg, crack it open and EAT the yummy stuff inside!)

Then my parents had a treasure hunt for their gifts. They each got a beach chair and had to follow crepe paper throughout the house until they reach the end of it. What fun!

So that was a blast!

Then we all piled in our respective cars and headed down to Newark Delaware to spend time with my Aunt Elena and Uncle Ken. We met at a fun, funky restaurant and really enjoyed our time and meal together.

Sunday they predicted rain and lots of it. But guess what? It was GLORIOUS! We had a blast outdoors. As a result, we are all exhausted today but it was just perfect!

Seren woke up very excited to see what the Bunny left her. "Mom! I don't think I can wait one more minute. I really don't think I can!" We had to wait several more minutes. But dressed up to the nines at 7:15 am, we all went downstairs to see what the bunny left. So many lovely things! The baskets were hidden so we had to find them first. And the excitement that ensued was contagious! We opened gifts and explored what he left us. Both of them really enjoyed it.

Opening gifts from grandma and grandad:

Found Seren's basket!

Wyeth and his basket:

At the bottom of the basket, when it was obvious that there were no more gifts she turns to me and says, in a sad little sort of voice, "I guess he didn't leave a kitten."

It was a sad moment but I couldn't help cracking a smile. I think she expected to really find a purring kitten under all of that plastic 'grass'!

Oh well, the other gifts made her happy. (Mid bounce of sheer joy at getting a bell for her bike)

Then we went on a big egg hunt. Dad hid the eggs while we finished up breakfast inside. And then we went wild looking for them!

(Can we go NOW!? Is it time NOW?!)

(Find egg. Eat contents. Find another egg. Sit. Eat)

Happy Easter 2011


Beth said...

What an awesome Easter weekend! I love how exciting and special you guys make your holidays. So impressive. And it doesn't hurt that you have such beautiful children!

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

This is the best picture story ever. The photos are gorgeous, the children are gorgeous, the story is fun... I love it.