Friday, September 2, 2011

Riding his Tricycle!

Finally! Wyeth's legs can properly reach the pedals of his little tricyle! It is amazing! He LOVES the freedom! He is a man on a mission with his bike. I love to see his determination. I went for a walk this week with both of them on thier bikes and realized for the first time, that I was actually WALKING while they were riding! It was amazing!

Pretty much every day after dinner, I hang with the kids. And during the summer, that means we play outside. We play basketball. Or do the stomp rocket. Or do hoola- hoop. We talk to neighbors and the neighborhood dogs. And they usually want to go around the block. I encourage this but inevitable, Wyeth decides, about 5 houses down, that he wants to switch his vehicle. And we have to go back. Or Seren decides that the hill is too steep. Or she wants her scooter and not her bike. Or I just get grumpy becasue going around the block takes a good 30-40 minutes and I usually end up covered in sweat as I push Seren, pull Wyeth, push Wyeth and pull Seren.


But I continue to do it! And this week? AWESOMENESS on the bike front! Seren is totally confident in her new bike helmet and better adjusted bike. Off! And Wyeth's legs have grown! He just needs a new helmet and he is set to go! As for me, I could forseeable drink a glass of wine while I follow behind. :) Ok, maybe not yet but you get my point!

Summer rocked!


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Love these pictures, especially the middle one! It feels great to get kids out of a stroller and motoring themselves around, doesn't it?

PC said...

Yay for Wy!!! He must be so thrilled to finally ride along. I'm looking forward to those kind of walks too!