Saturday, September 17, 2011

What are they 'into'

Seren, age 5 years and 4 months:
*sleeping without her bedrail (we took it down in August of this year)
*eating tons
*growing tons
*dolls- all of the time playing with dolls. Her favorite is Rosie. Her grandmom gave her an outfit with a matching doll outfit! Hysterical! She and Rosie wore the outfits to school on Friday for Show and Tell
*Bossing her brother around. We are trying to cut down on this. She is constantly correcting him. Telling him he is wrong. I worry about his self esteem! Geez, girlfriend, LAY OFF!
*Singing- loudly and sweetly
*Gymnastics- we started this summer and just signed her up for 14 more lessons. She seems to really, really enjoy it. When she can focus.
*Tennis- we signed her up for only 5 lessons. We shall see. It is a completely foreign experience for her.
*Less drama now. Still the tears come but only when really exhausted.
*Being in Kindergarten and learning all of the new schedules. 'We have gym today. Library tomorrow, etc."

Wyeth: 2 years and 9 months
*Dolls and purses- still loves them both. Less with the dolls and more into the purses. And still loves rocking the high heels. He wore a purse to the local high school football game.
*Cars- matchbox cars rock Wyeth's world. I hate matchbox cars and can really only enjoy them for a max of 5 minutes.
*Trains- still into trains. Any kind of training. He has his wooden train table in his room and between the cars and trains? He is one happy boy.
* NOT potty training. As in, nope, no thanks, NOT doing it.
* Eating is slightly better. But only slightly. We added apples. Ta da!
* Still going to bed late. His naps are still at the 2hour mark which means he doesn't really settle down until 9 pm on most nights.
* Still in his crib- WE have no interest in moving him. Just sounds like a total and utter nightmare about to happen.
* Riding his tricycle
* Candy. Wyeth would eat candy all day if we let him. After a over indulgence in July, we have not had candy in our house. It is a diaster. Talk about sweet tooth! In August, at the mean mention of the word, Wyeth lost his stuff. It wasn't pretty. My best friend, Andy, can attest.

We started watching TV on a daily basis in February of this year. I had to go to work earlier and Daddy needed to shower. It was a good run while we were at it. They now watch 30-45 minutes a day when Dad gets ready. That works for all of us. Curious George is a favorite.

That's the snap shot for tonight!

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