Saturday, September 17, 2011

What a Week!


We are still adjusting to life on a 5 day a week schedule. Kindergarten continues to go well-ish.

Last Saturday I flew to Denver Colorad to spend some time with friends and family before attending a professional conference. What a total blast! My brother picked me up at the airport! SO good to see him. We then drove about an hour into Boulder to meet up with dear friends for dinner.

Sunday it was sunny. Again! Amazing!! After 11 inches of rain, I needed to see that sun! My host, Whitney, made a breakfast that was out of this world! Man! It was delicious! Then we went hiking. I can't tell you how good this felt! And sleeping without monitors was heaven! I crashed so hard. So good to feel so comfortable with old friends. It is an experience you don't take for granted!

Then my brother picked me up and we headed two hours towards Vail. I was there Sunday through Wednesday. It was beautiful! What a great week! A good conference, great food, good wine and just amazing mountains! I also presented a paper which was a first for me! I just had a blast. It was such a different week!

I got home at 9:30 pm on Wednesday. WHich was a long time away from teh kids- esp since I didn't have much of a weekend with them. THen, at 6:50 am on Thursday, Sam left to hang out with his parents. His mom and Dad are moving homes so he went home to load the truck. So the kids went from Dad being in charge and solo parenting to my mom and dad parenting while I was at work to me parenting in the evenings and today. I can't believe all of that was in one week.

We saw an amazing rainbow on Thursday night! Just one of those rainbows that takes your breath away!

In other news, Wyeth can only get a word in edgewise when Seren isn't around. Sam said he frequently talks all of the way home. Non stop from kindergarten drop off. Tonight, after I put Seren down, he gave me an oral dissertation on lightbulbs and how some need to be replaced. But not all of them. The child is a trip!

It was a full week! Sam returns tomorrow. Vail was amazing. Nothing like seeing my brother and my 'Boulder family' to make me smile wide. All four of them made me laugh so hard! What a total treat!

Next up is Rochestr NY and Arizona! Whew!

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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Whew, you are busy! I love seeing my brother, too. Glad you got to get out there and visit. My baby babbles and signs a lot more when his big brother isn't around, too. Those youngests have to fit a lot of thoughts into a short time, don't they?