Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sense of Self

Yesterday, despite the fact that it literally was pitch dark, I took the kids on a much needed walk around the block. We were bundled up as the winter air has come our way. Wyeth was on his tricycle and Seren couldn't decide what to ride so she rode in a stroller while I pushed.

We have to head up this huge hill to get back home. And Wyeth just kept riding and riding. His little muscles working themselves out! UGH! But he was so dedicated to the pursuit. So diligent is just pushing on.

Seren noted their differences. "Wyeth is super strong, Mom. I can't get up past that second house. But look at him! He is still going! I always stop right there. But he didn't."

We jointly complimented Wyeth and his strong muscles. She was enthusiastic in her praise, "Good job, buddy! That is a big hill!"

We got back home and parked the vehicles in the garage.  Seren said, "Isn't that funny mom? He is littler than I am. But does that hill all by himself. And it is kinda funny too because in my class, I'm taller than lots of kids. But they do stuff that scares me. I don't do those things that they can do. Even though I'm bigger."

I told her we all have our strengths. And that she does other things well.  But there was that sense of being self aware which was new for me to see. That sense of 'hmm, I do things differently'.

Seren has always been cautious. A thinker. Not a do-er. A sense of 'let me just take this in a minute. And then I'll decide if I want to give it a try'. While she has grown in her sense of herself- it is within limits. She knows her limits. She, like her mom, is a scaredy cat through and through.

Oh these beautiful creatures I share my life with. The personalities. The sense of self. The sense of what is within their comfort zone and what is outside of it. Constantly changing. Amazing.

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