Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Post 1: A lot of time in the Car

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful! Time with eachother. Time with our family. Time spent sleeping in. A bit. Time spent sick on Sam's part.

And most notable: time in the car!

It is a 12 hour drive to Flushing, MI. And a 12 hour drive back.  The kids did GREAT! Seren self occupied her time VERY well. She read. She played dominoes. She colored. Wrote a story. Fought with her brother.

Wyeth struggled a bit more. "How long I sit here? I don't like sitting here. I like playing."

We broke up the trip. Staying  in "fancy" (cheap) hotels and enjoying the pools. We drove to Ohio the first day- to Youngstown. And then made it to Sam's mom and dad's home the next day. On the way back, we stayed in PA in Monroeville. Seren said, "Wait! They moved the hotel!? You said the hotel was in Ohio!"  As if there was only one hotel and it could be moved. :)

They said a lot of funny things on the trip. Many of which I wrote down.  Here is a scene of us in the car. This is from the beginning of the first day! We were able to take lots of time off this year. I worked from 'home' on Monday and Tuesday but we were with Sam's Mom and Dad from Sunday through Sunday! Very nice!

First hour pics:

And here I am at the end of the first day!

More family pics when I blog next time! We had a blast! The kids really enjoyed the adventures in Michigan and so did we!

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