Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wyeth Turns 3!

Dear Wyeth,
Today, without my permission, you turned three. I can't get my mind around how this happened. But I am thrilled for you!

You have continued to add such joy into our lives. I can't recall our lives without you in it! This past year you have perfected the art of talking. We are so glad to hear it! You can talk a mean streak. Especially if your sister isn't around to interrupt. You have also really enjoyed creative play.  You and Seren both have created worlds  in your imaginations. Just this week you became convinced that there is  a water slide at a local science museum. You have asked us all to go and can't wait to slide down it in your bathing suit!

You are still my cuddlebug. Something I'm so grateful for. I can still hold you in my arms. Rock you while singing you to sleep and hold you in my lap.  Sometimes when meal times are particularly painful for you, you request Dad or Mom's lap. And find comfort there.

You love to sing. Music is something you are very attuned to. You pick up songs quickly. Which doesn't mean that when you and Dad attend the community class you sing aloud. Nope. No public singing. But when you get home, we see your dance moves and hear your show stopping hit singles. 

You have two favorite phrases right now. One is more of a sentence. "I show you something!"  The world, gratefully, seems to be a place of endless wonder and excitement. People coming through our door are always shown the newest and most exciting 'find' in our house. You lead me, holding my hand, several times a day through the house to something fun. A puzzle that has been completed. A new book purchased at the thrift store. A new picture completed.

The other more popular phrase we have heard frequently during the fall is 'poop'. Saying the word poop just about brings you to your knees in giggles. It is especially funny while 'modifying' songs. As in 'twinkle twinkle little poop." This isn't something I will ever understand. But you sweet boy, think it is hysterical!

You are also a helper. If we need 'help', we call on you. To do the dishes. To help us vacuum. To pick up toys. You are very good at lending your services. And we love it!

Unwillingly, I started a habit this year of saying 'thank you' to you while I put you and Seren to sleep. As in, "Thank you for playing with me today. Thanks for helping Daddy and I." And you and Seren both have responded in kind. I love hearing what you are grateful for. It is usually the most basic and simple things. And I love hearing your expressions of gratitude.

We got an insight this week into how you think of yourself. Daddy asked if you needed help doing a task with a book. You responded, "No. I think of myself as a smartie."

Self esteem? Check.

And while you have grown in your sensitivity to others, your creative play and musical gifts, you remain a stubborn non eater. You also have expressed NO interest in potty training. And we still have you in  a crib.  You eat like an 18 month old. Carbs. Dairy. No veggies. Some fruit. Mom and Dad haven't fought you too much on this but am growing increasingly worried. And the potty training is more of a lack of effort on our part than yours.

Perhaps it all is just our own lack of willingness to see you grow up.

But you do anyway.

Your birthdays, like your sisters', are bittersweet for Mom and Dad. A sense of time passing us by. A sense that maybe we haven't been as "present" as we would have liked. And with all of the travel I have done recently, I have a sense of guilt as you are launched into another year.

But I do know that we love you. Fiercely. And we are proud of you. And that you bring us joy. We got you a singing card this year. This is VERY important to you. The one I picked out was "you are the sunshine of my life". How appropriate!

Happy Third Birthday, Wyeth. Thank you for picking us as your parents. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. We love you!


LauraC said...

Happy birthday Wyeth!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Wyeth! What an awesome letter, Megan. You capture him so well. I hope 2012 brings us all together again!