Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Post Two

Once we actually got to Michigan, we had a really good time! Sam's parents bought a new house that was full of amazing adventures! We took walks in the 12 acres that they just bought. It was warm for Michigan.

We also brought along our trusty ice cream scoop. Ya know. Just in case.

The kids also took amazing bubble baths! Wow! Their tub has jets! I put just a tiny bit of soap in there and then this happened!! Holy bubbles, bat man!

The day after Thanksgiving, we did two super exciting things! We helped my in laws find and cut down a Christmas tree! The weather was amazing!

Wyeth liked this little one:

They ended up with this beauty!

We also took the family on a train ride. It is, for me, the 'first' Christmas event of the season. Since Wyeth is Mr. Train, it is a very important part of the trip for him too! And it did not disappoint. Last year we were FREEZING! But this year, it wasn't as cold. And since it was the first night of the season, there were fireworks! Fireworks!! In November! It was just amazing!!

They were a little loud.

The rest of the week was full of small but fun adventures. Coffee and cookies out.

Experiencing the joy of a first canoli!

Playing in thier big house.

Just being together.

All good stuff. All of it!


Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

WOW! These photos are stunning- all of them! The ones in the wheat fields should be printed and framed. And the bubble bath!

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

...and the ones with the trees!