Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesdays with Mommy

For the last two months, I have had Tuesdays and Fridays off from work. I cherish these times! The last two Tuesdays, my parents have joined us and we have gone to fun places. The first was Sportszone and this week we went to the Please Touch Childrens Museum in Philadelphia (a local favorite).

I love watching Seren take on the world. She has impressed me recently with her enthusiasm. Whereas last year she would tentative watch as children climbed and jumped, this year she is all about doing it ALL. (And doing it all by herself, thank you!)

For instance, she went rock climbing at Sportzone.

She is totally into make believe these days as well. The line between reality and make believe is often very blurred. She is CONVINCED that "Snoozy and Strawberry" (twin elephants) live in our backyard. She talks about them daily. "Mom! Snoozy and Strawberry are back! Want to see them?" With just as much enthusiasm, I look out the window and say "hi!". I love when she then corrects me. "Mom! They aren't over in that corner, they are over THERE!"

Anyway, little Ms. Sunshine has her challenging moments where she INSISTS on ruling the world. But she also just loves being part of the world. Taking it all in. Jumping around. Singing. Playing hard and living in the moment. Such an inspiration! And she is totally rocking the potty. I couldn't be prouder.

Here are some shots of last week and of this week. I LOVE Tuesdays.


Beth said...

That's awesome Megan--what a great way to work on "balance." I'm jealous! I love how you capture Seren in this post. This age is so much fun!

Julie said...

I love the photos--you all look like you are having a great time. You look pretty terrific, especially for being so tired--you would never know it!